Biomass is best for Denmark Farm

We’ve spent the last few weeks eagerly awaiting a ‘green’ roof for our new self-catering eco holiday accommodation. Unfortunately the weather has got the upper hand once again, temporarily delaying this important phase of the build.

However, another exciting and major landmark has been reached this week with the commissioning our new biomass boiler heating system. This will maximise our sustainability, using locally sourced wood pellet fuel to produce heat for the new holiday accommodation, as well as serving all existing Denmark Farm offices and buildings.

Swansea based company Biofutures have installed and commissioned the system. Kedrick Davies from Biofutures says: “The biomass boilers will  produce a super efficient burn and provided good quality wood pellets are used, there is no visible smoke once the boilers are up to temperature.  Also, using pellets in comparison to  running on oil or LPG means a significant reduction in carbon outputs.”

We are also eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which means that our biomass heating not only makes sense environmentally but also financially.  Additionally our electricity is being generated by Solar PV giving us plenty of ‘green power’ for a more sustainable future.

Now we have heat and power just watch this space for news about our sedum roof and the finishing touches for the new build – still scheduled for the 20th December 2012!. Our Eco Holiday Accommodation will then be ready to welcome guests from Easter 2013.


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